What is netiquette?

Netiquette is network etiquette. The standard way of communicating online. Knowledge on how to do it right. Alternatively, what you don’t do that is wrong.

Net etiquette is for people in search of the Millennials mindset using digital civility keywords while social listening. Learn electronics lifestyles best practices. Ecofriendly digital transformation associated with cultural change.

To start, helpful actions based on a best behavior. Golden rule common sense practices. But, a lot of history of writing applies. Get it?

We can all use netiquette depending on how we live. Digital citizenship has certain requirements. Education is the basis. More or less tech skills for using the internet in popular categories for those of us interested.

Why use internet etiquette?

We need to use internet etiquette for health and safety. We are in the middle of a pandemic with high unemployment. Correct communication helps us earn a living, acquire knowledge, and maintain a social distance.

How do we use the web the right way?

Use the golden rule with 10 netiquette rules. Steps we can follow after we have the materials. Enter the virtual world for computers to communicate. Cyberspace. In order to get there, use a smartphone with social media.

Flaming happens a lot. Our appearance, politics, race, and religion start flame wars.

When does network etiquette apply?

Understand, the netiquette definition comes from network and etiquette. It follows, people are good. Technically, society. May be misled, bad.

Since we are good in the first place, tips keep us in a good millennial mindset. The social code of network communication. Moral web guidelines based on the Golden Rule. Standard online engagement conventions and norms.

The Secret of the Golden Rule of Netiquette

Golden rule netiquette is to treat others the way you want to be treated.

David Chiles
Persian Flag
Iran means Aryan

Golden rules is part of my story. Created and written by my family. First, raised by Mother’s side of the family. Art Raya was like a father to me. He taught me that we are Persian Royalty. The sign of the cross is actually the sign of our family. One God religions are a result of our exclusive nature.

I did a lot of research at different times. Shocked to learn Christianity is deliberately wrong. Most fascinating fact to me is disinformation was created by Eisenhower who created the internet. Persian Royalty was involved. And so, the story goes.

Recorded history started with us Sumerians. Later, identified as Persians. People who write are called Aryans by Persian Royalty. Africans and others who did not write were excluded. Now, we all write.

Natural Law

So, Golden rule at first. After, Cyrus the Great was the great law giver. Later, Darius the Great created the gold standard. Finally, our rule of reciprocity applies online as a basis for sharing.

English Flag
English Flag

On the other side of my family, the surname comes from England. Oldest recording of Chiles is in Hertfordshire. Which is on the road to London. A settlement that dates back 20,000 years. Raya dates back 45,000 to mountains in Iran.

At present, converted to Islam in order to create the netiquette rules in this form. Corruption of Christianity in the United States of America made me do it. Positive nature is a choice.

The Muslim faith is a reformation. Furthermore, Islam means peace. Muslim means surrender to God. Still, part of a nation under God. But, seek to bring us together in an ethical sense.

To start, use the principle digital civility tips for mobile and social. Continue to the top ten list of customs. Use netiquette to fit in.


My mission with this blog is eco-friendly digital transformation.


My vision is for a recognized Muslim influence in every human being in the world. Sort of like Arabic numbers. However, not trying to go against countries that do not allow religion. As a result, the default language is standard written English with icons instead of pictures. We are all equal in Islam. Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, did not want to be depicted for this reason. So, a flat structure for society.


Islamic values coupled with my family values codified throughout written history. Thus, religious in nature. Agnostic at least in all versions except for Chinese. It follows, a good person standard for reasoning. Honestly, hope the site converts people to the Muslim faith because it’s so good. Now, I converted with Sunni’s, but prefer Shia. All Islam is the brand I am trying to convey with all due respect to women.

Our Call To Action Is To Work Together To End Corruption

I choose to bring us together for positive engagement with Netiquette. So, it’s a choice. We are required to be aware. It follows, the people in government of the United States of America are the worst in recorded history, objectively. We need to be aware to choose the right path out of the Pandemic of 2020.

First, every court preceding is the crime of conspiracy to deny a person of their constitutional rights. Digital transformation is bringing this fact to light. As a result, protests are purposely prolonging the pandemic. It’s unreal to see how little Black Lives Matter. Egged on and encouraged to do unsafe activities.

Peace, justice, and the good human nature way. Yes, I want justice for the people of the United States against the people in Government. Beyond that I hope the rest of this changes to a single closing paragraph about how it is done.

Crazy Americans

In any event, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases directly contradicted my leadership, which we are now following. Furthermore, suffered a Demand Denial of Service attack on the largest social network. Forced me to delete the account. On February 25, 2020, decided wearing masks throughout the world was necessary. After, made posts on the largest network and VK showing the best mask to use.

Grandpa Art was a Health Department Official. Appointed to a health education position in Washington DC by President Nixon. Eisenhower’s Vice President.

David Chiles
David Chiles

The current Senator from California running for Vice President is personally responsible for unspeakable heinous crimes against me. Leadership is purposely misleading in recorded history. More facts may come to light. But, we can seize this moment for eco-friendly digital transformation and bring them to justice later.

Death tolls in United States are enough to hold leadership accountable. The president apparently mislead us on purpose. Another Senator from California broke social distancing guidelines enacted by the Governor. After, defiantly blamed someone for telling.

Now, we have wildfires too. It is a minority holocaust and scorched earth along the West Coast as predicted by climate action activists. National Geographic has authored many stories about it. The death toll in California, Texas, Florida, and New York begs the question, how could you?

We can take the right path forward now or later. Do it now. Then, coronavirus becomes one or two sentences in recorded history.