What is netiquette? Internet Etiquette Common Sense

What is netiquette? Really, it is what it is. Here, the standard is set. It follows, more complete answers to frequently asked questions below. To clarify, sign of the cross is a symbol associated with my family in the Zoroastrian religion. Basically, principles of Persian Royalty. Notably, creators of the Golden Rule and Gold Standard for monetary policy. Now, we created netiquette.

Why I created it is no mystery. To put it another way, that’s what we do. Accordingly, write social customs followed throughout the world. By and large, the cross is a principle symbol for good nature. In contrast, not religious. A royal order. That is to say, natural law. Truly, common sense we can all identify. Please be advised, not Christian.

Netiquette is network etiquette. The standard way of communicating online. Knowledge on how to do it right. Alternatively, what you don’t do that is wrong.

Net etiquette is for people in search of the Millennials mindset using digital civility keywords while social listening. Learn electronics lifestyles best practices. Ecofriendly digital transformation associated with cultural change.

To start, helpful actions based on a best behavior. Golden rule common sense practices. But, a lot of history of writing applies. Get it?

We can all use netiquette depending on how we live. Digital citizenship has certain requirements. Education is the basis. More or less tech skills for using the internet in popular categories for those of us interested.

Why use internet etiquette?

We need to use internet etiquette for health and safety. We are in the middle of a pandemic with high unemployment. Correct communication helps us earn a living, acquire knowledge, and maintain a social distance.

How do we use the web the right way?

Use the golden rule with 10 netiquette rules. Steps we can follow after we have the materials. Enter the virtual world for computers to communicate. Cyberspace. In order to get there, use a smartphone with social media.

Flaming happens a lot. Our appearance, politics, race, and religion start flame wars.

When does network etiquette apply?

Understand, the netiquette definition comes from network and etiquette. It follows, people are good. Technically, society. May be misled, bad.

Since we are good in the first place, tips keep us in a good millennial mindset. The social code of network communication. Moral web guidelines based on the Golden Rule. Standard online engagement conventions and norms.

What is netiquette? The Secret of the Golden Rule

David Chiles
David Chiles

Golden rule netiquette is to treat others the way you want to be treated.

David Chiles

Golden rules is part of my story. Created and written by my family. First, raised by Mother’s side of the family. Art Raya was like a father to me. He taught me that we are Persian Royalty. The sign of the cross is actually the sign of our family. One God religions are a result of our exclusive nature.

I did a lot of research at different times. Shocked to learn Christianity is deliberately wrong. Most fascinating fact to me is disinformation was created by Eisenhower who created the internet. Persian Royalty was involved. And so, the story goes.

Recorded history started with us Sumerians. Later, identified as Persians. People who write are called Aryans by Persian Royalty. Africans and others who did not write were excluded. Now, we all write.

Natural Law

Zorastrian Royal tombs first signs of the cross.
First Signs of the Cross

In any event, Golden rule at first. As far as we can tell, Sumerian from caves in Iran. After, Cyrus the Great was the great law giver. Later, Darius the Great created the gold standard. Finally, our rule of reciprocity applies online as a basis for sharing.

Old English Flag
Old English

On the other side of my family, the surname comes from England. Oldest recording of Chiles is in Hertfordshire. Which is on the road to London. A settlement that dates back 20,000 years. Raya dates back 45,000 to mountains in Iran.

Old English flag is really Italian. But, Georgian too. Plus, Georgia was established linguistically by my family in Iran. Evidently, goes back to Sumerians. Sign of the cross has been used since writing on cave walls was recorded.

At present, converted to Islam in order to create the netiquette rules in this form. A desire to accept equality. In the United States Christianity is the religion of slavery. Christians reinforce the caste systems with minorities on the bottom. Supports bad people.

Furthermore, the strategy of the Catholic Church in the Americas is poverty. Supports crime against each other. I freely converted to Islam for equality.

Torrah, Old Testament And Bible Are False Prophecies Islam Has Truth

From a common sense standpoint, Jewish scriptures are wrong. Bible is compound lies magnified. Islam has truth. For example, Darius the Great is mentioned four times. His grave is one of the most iconic symbols of the cross in humanity. Only reason to mention his standards are to get us to believe something that is not true.

Cyrus is mentioned as well. Actually, he created the first human rite. Wrote it on a cylinder. It follows, Bible is written by Greeks who hated us. No way they would be honest.

Now, positive nature is a choice. Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, did the same. In fact, he was not aloud to marry his first choice in wife. Her father did not want his daughter to marry an orphan. His first wife, a widow, asked him to marry her. We have to accept our circumstances. Work to make them better.

The Muslim faith is a reformation. Furthermore, Islam means peace. Muslim means surrender to God. Still, part of a nation under God. But, seek to bring us together in an ethical sense.

To start, use the principle digital civility tips for mobile and social. Continue to the top ten list of customs. Use netiquette to fit in.

What Is Netiquette Mission

My mission with this blog is eco-friendly digital transformation.

What Is Netiquette Vision

Vision is me working with people of all faiths as a Muslim. A clear recognition of equality in good faith. Understanding that people from non-traditional backgrounds can participate equally. A fair status quo for all. People with social challenge using the blog for acceptance.


Be nice to everyone. Help each other. Values are based on the Zoroastrian tradition. Prophets in Islam freely profess to come from these beliefs. Also, lineage.

Our Call To Action Is To Work Together To End Corruption

I choose to bring us together for positive engagement with Netiquette. So, it’s a choice. We are required to be aware. It follows, the people in government of the United States of America are the worst in recorded history, objectively. We need to be aware to choose the right path out of the Pandemic of 2020.

Coronavirus Corruption

Coronavirus corruption is an example of what horrible people run the USA. In fact, Federal, State, and Local government workers are the worst people in recorded history. Graphic of statistics on November 14, 2020 illustrates the point. Based on the example of Covid 19 cases, deaths, and treatment.

Covid 19 Cases

On November 15, Govenor Jay Inslee of Washington stuttered during his speech on the subject. A person whose speeches I have seen in person prior to him becoming Governor. He did not believe the words he was saying.

To demonstrate truth, the United States faces unique problems dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Interstate travel makes it more than a health issue. As a result, Federal Government could and should do more in the interest of the people to save our lives and economy.

To be honest, the commerce clause in our Constitution should be used in order to regulate sweeping changes to our way of life to preserve our freedom and economy. (Important to realize, governments are lying when they say they can’t do more. I just wrote something reasonable that could be done.)

Anyway, talking about a vaccine right now is weird. We don’t have one yet. Rolling the reported vaccine out seems to be a huge logistical challenge. Restrictions put in place in Washington State are absolutely necessary. We do not know how long we will need them. Our way of life is over. But, our spirit is not dead, for example.

Corruption In General

First, every court preceding is the crime of conspiracy to deny a person of their constitutional rights. Digital transformation is bringing this fact to light. Peace, justice, and the good human nature way. Yes, I want justice for the people of the United States against the people in Government.

My vision is separate from supporting bringing the people in the US Government to justice. I have not protested. There is systemic racism. Entire system is criminal under our law. The vision is social. It would be helped by justice. Still, it’s going to take work to achieve. I’m focusing on the work.