University Party Netiquette Photos Beware 6th Rule

University Party Netiquette For Social Distancing Pandemic Pictures

University party netiquette for social distancing pandemic pictures for school students, teachers, and staff. Refrain from uploading images of groups. Create content related to our online education. Large gatherings spread Covid 19. Universities kick people out who do not social distance. Images online are used to reprimand students.

Post university e-learning content. Instead of risky party photos for higher education stakeholders during engagement of classmates and contacts. User generated content that includes groups of five or more on the internet. Universities encourage students to snitch on pandemic parties.

First, we like to party with friends. Also, happens more often at university. But, we are there to become a professional. So, learning material over university party pics. Given, good netiquette to create educational content. So, don’t post pictures of parties on open feeds.