The Secret of Netiquette: Millennial Internet Etiquette

Thank you for your interest in digital civility. Learn to be basic. The secret of netiquette is how to fit into our own interests online. To that end, internet etiquette rules.

The Secret of Netiquette: Millennial Internet Etiquette

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Secret of Netiquette

The Golden Rule is our secret. Laws of attraction require action. Reciprocity rules as a strategy for good engagement.

On the phone. At school. At work. To help us in our daily lives. Power use good apps with rules from

  • How to use mobile manners
  • How to use social media etiquette
  • How to get good grades in online classes
  • How to communicate with colleagues remote working

Millennial Internet Etiquette

A recognized brand of digital civility is the product of this site. Netiquette rules become a style all our own with practice. Make digital transformation happen. Learn more.

Millennials have smartphones. We use social media daily. Hence, internet rules for mobile devices, desktop computers, and monitoring electronics.

Digital Citizenship

Here, tips for the internet. Also, Netiquette Foundations free ebook. Together with Keywords 101 mini-course.


Netiquette Foundations Keywords 101 (Fall 2020)

Mini Course

Keywords 101 (Fall 2020)