Work netiquette rules are the code of connecting with colleagues. Also, contacts through the web. Given, social media. So, a lot more order than personal social media. Thus, connections are based on how we earn a living.

Professional social network netiquette rules are customs of engagement. So, formally informal guidelines. Suggestions. Messages generate responses in kind. Given, contacts may already on a first name basis. Then, formalities require professional vocabulary. Thus, Acronyms are used heavily.

So, appropriate language cultivates relationships. We understand each other to connect. Using acronyms is a test. Competence required. Hence, show work. As a result, recommendations play a key role.


First, products are sold to earn a living. Then, professions are practised. Given, we support friends.

Thus, professional Social Media is exclusive User Generated Content. Only for business contacts. Industry networking to support a career.

Next, contacts, content, curation, and recommendations. Hence, an industry of specialised networks. So, niche networks are industry specific. Others include all professions.

Work Netiquette

Popular opinion on professional customs. Consequently, cool for work. How to act.

Then, connecting with colleagues through Social Media. These social networks have a lot more order than personal social media. They are friendships based on how users earn a living.

Last, Social Media aspects of professional contacts have norms and guidelines. Business networking to support a career. Contacts, content, curation, and recommendations are central to proper etiquette.