Distance Learning

We use of electronics for distance learning. Practices are ed tech tips. Also, ed tech chat. Since, we read and discuss. Learning is the goal. Skills are an objective.


Distance Learning

General guidelines that facilitate web info. Very basic, fundamental. In general, these customary practices will help you learn.

Last, we teach to learn. Also, learn to teach. As a result, we engage. After, learn from each other. Help others learn.

Electronic Learning

Accordingly, watching videos to acquire the skills is online learning. Thus, Many people use the internet for learning purposes. Hence, some classes require it.

Then, the Internet, makes the acquisition of knowledge more efficient than our past. Given, one teacher can teach more students. Similarly, more people can study material for understanding.

However, pursuit of knowledge still requires motivation. Additionally, access on a personal level. Consequently, culture assists in that pursuit.

Distance Learning Netiquette

Classes are courses taught completely or partially online. College as well. Before, we sign up. After, do the work. Plus, make friends.

To start, anything that can go wrong will. So start homework early. Thus, prepare and plan.

Given, internet goes down. Also, computers crash. It follows, get stuff done as soon as possible.