Sustainable Gardening Network Etiquette Formula 4th Rule

Sustainable Gardening Network Etiquette For Home Landscaping

Sustainable gardening network etiquette for home landscaping. Millennials who do work outdoors at home or other places. Three climate friendly landscaping techniques we can use to maintain our yards with pride. The tactics reduce the use of fossil fuels, harmful chemicals in the environment, and waste.

Home landscaping. Ecofriendly gardening customs and practises for yard maintenance. On our property or elsewhere when taking care of our gardens and lawns.

Sustainable gardening home landscaping is eco-friendly. Given, we prefer ways that leave little or no carbon footprints. Thus, going green at home.

Sustainable Gardening Network Etiquette

Sustainable gardening takes steps to prevent harm to our environment. Then, we messed it up already. Also, could be worse. After all, Global Warming is happening.

Includes outdoors. 3 Tips For Sustainable Gardens. Tools for eco-friendly landscaping. There are elements of sustainable gardening.

  • Hand Tools
  • No Pesticides
  • Compost Soil

Hand Tools For Sustainable Gardening Network Etiquette

Hand Tools are more sustainable than power ones. So, avoid gas powered garden equipment. Given, a fossil fuel. Burning puts C02 gas in the air. Thus, harms us through air pollution.

Electric landscaping equipment too. We burn fossil fuels to get it. Gas and electric yard tools do similar jobs. For example, there are both gas and electric hedge trimmers.

However, manual alternatives are available. For example, a push lawnmower. In some cases, we have to use power landscaping tools.

No Pesticides

No Pesticides. Since, they are chemicals sprayed in gardens to strengthen crops. Then, not natural. Hence, causes known and unknown harms to people plus environment. Cancer, stuff like that.

Carcinogens are in pesticides. Thus, known to cause higher rates. Hurts people all the way up the food chain. From the person who sprays them to the people who consume the food.

Nets are used to keep bugs away. Right after sprouting. Put a net on it. Bugs kill plants. They lay eggs. So, pick them out if you have to.

Compost Soil

Compost Soil to save waste energy. Food waste makes good compost. Thus, we have to save organic material to do it. And so, let it do its thing until soil is ready.

Therefore, we need a place in our yard to put organic compounds. This includes hedge trimmings. All other clean greens too.

Then, we put it is a pile for composting. There we have it. A compost pile. Aerator helps it break down. Finally, good soil. Last, give ecofriendly gardens a try.

Home Landscaping Netiquette

Be sustainable. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Don’t use gas powered tools unless there is no alternative. Electric tools are the next best thing. Hand tools when we can. No chemicals reuses organic compounds. Composting recycles waste.