Social Network Picture Netiquette Beautiful 6th Rule

Social Network Picture Netiquette

Social network picture netiquette for posts. Images posted on social networks people engage. Pictures and graphics, we share with contacts and others. Most people like visuals more than text. Builds stronger relationships. Encourages others to share better content.

Share visual imagery for positive engagement, love, likes, and shares. Millennials who use social networks, students, and workers. Social, educational, and work media on social media. When we use the internet on our phones with millennials, classmates, and coworkers.

First, we prefer to look at an image over text. It follows, reading takes more time. Also, requires thinking, reasoning, and concentration. So, pictures in posts are popular on social networks. Given, proper netiquette to post pics for preference. So, upload photos to social domains for better engagement. Become a more popular person with good images.