Social Media Like Netiquette To Earn Love Rule 11

Social Media Like Netiquette To Earn Love Rule 11

Social media like netiquette to earn love. Clicking the like button for your own content. Creating an update. Then, adding personal affirmation to it on your own behalf. Making a comment. After, liking it. Moreover, posting a selfie. Instead of a caption, leaving a comment. Like the image and comment. To be honest, it works. And so, some people do what they got to do to make it to influencer status. Otherwise, is kind of weird.

In the first place, we expect that you like your own content. Or else, you would not post it. So, it is taboo to do. There is an effect. One like is better than none in the opinion of some. Gives the impression someone else likes it. Consumers might leave when they catch on. Might lose more followers rather than gain attention.

Millennials who use social media. Students networking. Workers posting updates. Friendly affirmation online in social media. Anywhere online with a like button you can click on yourself. Even as a seller of products in an online store. Button is social. When we post something online.

Self Like Netiquette

Show some social media like netiquette. A sign of restraint for the right reasons. Know better than to use some forms of blatant self-promotion. At least, try and hide it a little better. Tells people you will do anything you can for affirmation online. Identifies a possible issue.

Love thy self. But, don’t click on your own content for affirmation. On the other hand, show with a selfie. So, no self likes for others to show love. Given, proper netiquette to refrain from liking your own status. As a result, considered conceited.

No Self Likes

Next, liking yourself is, ‘going over board’. Then, arrogant in a way that is not serious. However, there are some ways to finesse it. Multiple accounts, for example.

Thus, reader already knows it is your opinion. Given, we author the content somewhat of a joke. On the other hand, obligatory for a related account in some cases. Puts a post in a feed without a duplicate. Social media like netiquette.

In any event, goes without clicking that we like what we post. Our own personal standards apply. Accordingly, contacts recognize our content from consistency. Plus, reasonable changes.

Social Media Likes

Don’t like yourself for Social media like netiquette. It is hard for other users to like a user who only likes themselves. Many people like themselves for SEO. To that end, it is acceptable in a lot of ways.

Supporting ourselves for Search Engine Optimization is not cool. But, using multiple themed accounts to reach a specific demographic is community plain and simple. Related content has an audience. Share openly. Also, like others. Then, others to Like you.

As a result, algorithms reward persistence. Some, call it being consistent. In fact, branding on the surface. Community building in the like. Thus, we can work our way into a niche from what we really enjoy.

Social Media Like Netiquette

Finally, refrain from liking our own status. We do not have to prove we love our self. Last, show it in other ways. A self picture has social value. Plus, shares love. And so, may be returned in kind. But, can’t expect it. Got to show it.

Refrain from clicking like on your own content online.  Don’t do it. Post, but, let someone else like it for you. Not even with a different profile you control. Defeats the purpose. Also, intent of the custom. Discretionary netiquette for good judgement.

Status Update Infographic

Status update infographic provides some social media optimization netiquette for you. Given, dates and times for optimal posting. Best chance to earn some love.

Facebook is good later in the week days afternoon. But, twitter is more likely to show love in a bigger window of time. All week days.

Other domain audiences are more limited. Instagram and Pinterest have the shortest windows of opportunity. Certain days and times only.