Social Media Cursing Netiquette No Problem 3rd Rule

Social Media Cursing Netiquette No Problem 3rd Rule

Social media cursing netiquette to be civil. We engage each other with more confidence in a civilised manner. Hence, a technique for positive engagement by refraining from cursing at contacts. Bullying discourages good acts.

The technique for in app interaction is an etiquette standard to create content for various reasons. For one, encourages us not to cyberbully each other with negative content. Students, workers, and mobile users are stakeholders with interest in positive relationships.

So, cursing is cyber bullying in social media. But, the word bitch is not a curse word. Also, middle finger may not be a bad thing. People who do it in social media lose jobs. Cleveland Browns cut Jermaine Whitehead after profanity, for example.

Social Media Netiquette For Curse Words

To begin, curse words express anger. They are supernatural wishes of harm against someone or something. These words express hate. Hate speech is not acceptable on most networks. However, simple cursing may be aloud. Given, so many do it.

So, we refrain from frienemy actions. Given, any contact is a plus on some level. Really, cussing raises the rank. Hence, we may view posts in a new way. Accordingly, neutral. Thus, it is what it is, nothing else.

Swearing is oath or offencive language and or its use. Accordingly, it is foul language. Furthermore, beyond playful teasing. Therefore, it is an oath of an offencive nature. Hence, curse words are insults most of the time.

No Cursing In Social Media

Curse words are not appropriate online. Reason being is the supernatural wish of harm associated with the words. On the other hand reasonable complaints are appropriate. People often use the internet to complain.

In any event, a swear word is really just a word not sanctioned by religion. Really, words banned by Church is how they came be to be identified. Supernatural means non-religious. And so, could apply to a lot words. Part of the reason they are not explicitly banned from social media. But, we should know better.

Swearing is not acceptable in social media. It is of an offencive nature. Swearing is something that trouble makers, trolls, do. Swearing and cursing online are disruptive.

Social Media Cursing Netiquette To Be Civil

Social media cursing netiquette. It is proper netiquette to refrain from cursing or swearing in social media because they are unreasonably disruptive. Don’t curse in comments. Upload pictures and videos without any offencive words.

Last, we know it gets attention. Negative content, specifically trolling generates more hits, clicks, and views by design on the worlds biggest social network. Still, don’t need to curse to rank that way. On top of that, cyberbullying is harmful. As a result, be clever with your content if you must include negative keywords for attention.

Covid 19 Toxic Tweets Infographic

Covid 19 toxic tweet infographic has statistics about who we blame, why, and how we do it on twitter. Now, the public is being mislead on all fronts on this one. Moreover, we are misleading ourselves. Mainstream media appears to be a contributing factor to fake news and disinformation. At least in the United States.

An Oxford University study of tweets early on in the disaster is the source of information. My twitter account follows them. First, twenty one percent of tweets on coronavirus are rude and disrespectful. No wonder on this one. Government is ordering lockdowns and people are still dying.

Somewhat surprising is that thirty percent blame president Donald Trump. Legally, public healthcare is the governor of each states responsibility. But, I don’t think the president is helping much is the issue. Furthermore, it is getting worse. Since March twenty six the rudeness has increased to twenty five percent overall.

In any event, I am upset too. My tweets reflect that. Something I have noticed from the technology community could be a reason. We look at numbers more. It follows, the numbers tell a storey of a complete failure by the United States to inform and protect us. Some form of standard basic income and housing is a solution in my opinion. Given, a lot are going hungry. After, we might follow social media cursing netiquette a little better.