Smartphone Ringer Netiquette Powerful 11th Rule

Smartphone Ringer Netiquette Powerful 11th Rule

Smartphone ringer netiquette for turning on and off. In certain circumstances Millennial smartphone owners, students, and workers need to set telephone ringers. It depends. Sometimes interruptions are justified. Alternatively, ruins the moment. It is rude.

Make sure to adjust call ring tones appropriately in situations we need the ringer on or off for smartphone calls. At the places we could get a disruptive call. When expecting an important call. Typically, we avoid interruption during meetings, work, and school. Loud interruptions are unwelcome. So, ringer on silent sometimes for smartphones. Given, proper netiquette to use the setting to prevent noise.

Some people are more important than the situation. So, ringer on. However, ringer on silent sometimes for others. Hence, disrupts engagement. Then, we all look at the person whose phone is making noise. Given, proper netiquette to use settings to avoid this rude behavior. In addition, don’t think vibrate is silent.

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Smartphone Ringer Netiquette

Turn your smartphone off completely. Alternatively, silent in meetings or other places that they are banned. Therefore, to avoid unintended e-interruptions. A form of role play. Ringing at the wrong time happens. A social mistake. Fix it by turning it off.

Our place in certain situations is follower. Not leader. Next, vibrating phones make noise. Thus, a new role challenges the roles of others. We become the center of attention. Sometimes a vibrating smartphone is louder than a ringtone.

Large smartphones on the vibrate setting cause a very loud rattle when they vibrate on hard surfaces. As a result, quieting our phone is a suggestion to turn it off. Then, don’t check until we get a break. Most situations allow for a break in two hour intervals.

Smartphones Ringer

In any event, phones in pockets can be amplified by metal pens. Also, the other contents of pockets make noise. In addition, rattles when placed on a table. Then, many things can cause a vibrating phone to be a audible distraction. So, not silent. On one hand, noisy.

On the other hand, a light alert does not make sound. But, we have to be on the look out to see it. And so, distracts us too. But, noise distracts people in hearing distance more than light in seeing distance.

Last, we need to remember to turn the ringer back on. It follows, forget and we could miss calls for days. Sometimes, until someone reminds us. Thus, silent missed call alert on screen. There is some disagreement. Others may want us to put phones on vibrate mode and leave them there.

Smartphone Ringer Netiquette

Vibrate is not silent because it makes noise when it vibrates against something. Be aware of our circumstances. Use device settings to adjust the volume of call rings. Loud setting for important calls.

In addition, we can make it vibrate depending on device features. So, a loud ring and vibrate. On the other hand, set the ringer to silent as needed.

In conclusion, ringtones are disruptive by design. We are supposed to answer to them. However, the small size and portability of smartphones means they are carried places where we cannot accept calls. As a result, we must be willing to adjust the settings. Hence, do it.

Ringtone Infographic

Ringtone infographic with three types. On one hand, least disruptive. On the other, most disruptive. In any event, we can think of ringers like horns on cars. So, you get the idea of smartphone ringer netiquette.

First, the default ring is not so bad. We may recognize it as our own. A lot of us have similar phones. Otherwise, similar operating systems with the same standard alerts. Next, we can customize it from various choices in the settings. Accordingly, adds an element of our own style to call notifications.

Finally, ringtone downloads are something special. Definitely disruptive. Sort like an announcement on a loud speaker that says I’m too cool for you. Some downloads are free. Most cost a few dollars. Popular songs are available.