Send Moderately Receive Liberally Easy 7th Rule

Send Moderately Receive Liberally

Send moderately receive liberally netiquette. Not to overwhelm contacts with messages. But, to get good deals and free stuff from newsletters.

  • 3 key communication strategies for effective communication in online interaction to get what we want.
  • Relevant advertising with good news helps us in reality with our daily tasks in principle.
  • Less is more composing contact that takes some thought as well as restraint in order to be effective.

Messages sent and received. No matter what, too much is a bother. Hence, long. Also, often. Then bad. Given, a full inbox can overwhelm us.

In the first place, communication is not always both ways. It follows, we may listen without responding. Ghosting happens when we don’t respond at all when expected to. Often, too much contact is the reason. So, relative terms to the app.