Phone Ringer Netiquette Important 11th Rule

Phone Ringer Netiquette

Phone ringer netiquette for turning on and off. In certain circumstances Millennial smartphone owners, students, and workers need to adjust settings. It depends. Sometimes interruptions are justified. Alternatively, ruins the moment. It is rude.

Make sure to adjust call ring tones appropriately in situations we need the ringer on or off for smartphone calls. At the places we could get a disruptive call. When expecting an important call. Typically, we avoid interruption during meetings, work, and school. Loud interruptions are unwelcome. So, ringer on silent sometimes for smartphones. Given, proper netiquette to use the setting to prevent noise.

Some people are more important than the situation. So, ringer on. However, ringer on silent sometimes for others. Hence, disrupts engagement. Then, we all look at the person whose phone is making noise. Given, proper netiquette to use settings to avoid this rude behaviour. In addition, don’t think vibrate is silent.