Password Netiquette Best Sharing 3rd Rule

Password Netiquette

Password netiquette for friends and family sharing. Giving information to associates for use on student, personal, and professional networks where acceptable. Refusing to do so when unacceptable. Share to use wireless internet, streaming, work, and student accounts. Don’t do it to keep private information secure.

Prevent sharing login credentials that can harm us or compromise the network. Millennials, students, and workers using exclusive computer networks. On devices when associates need access for a good reason. Alternatively, unacceptable on some internet accounts for information security.

First, we like to have our own stuff. Next, we are not alone in account management if we give away our credentials. But, we must allow some people to use our accounts in certain situations. So, password sharing special cases only for safety. Given, proper Netiquette to keep your apps private. So, don’t share login details.