Mission Vision Values

Netiquettes Mission, Vision, & Values

Netiquettes mission, vision, and values are a part of a life plan I created for myself. So, they are personal. However, the use of my rules is bigger than I ever imagined it would be. Moreover, the term netiquette was coined by me in a company toastmasters club. It follows, they are for professional communication more than anything else. Given, social media is used for marketing; School is taught by professionals; We communicate with coworkers.

Mission Statement

Netiquettes mission is to create rules that are used as a standard for effective online communication throughout the world. Internet etiquette tips people like and share more than any other. To bring us together for positive engagement.

Netiquette Vision Statement

The vision is to create natural law for internet society. Results from netiquettes mission. This website defines acceptable behavior in popular culture online for both religious and non-religious human beings. A return to widespread use as a reference for students, parents, and professionals is what I see in the future. A slow build up to the point of showing a large audience how to engage each other appropriately.

I envision a world without communication or commercial barriers. Where we can follow the rules of netiquette to fit in on social media, at school, and at work. Rules good people follow. A uniform code of contact for civilized conduct on the web.

Based on the past traffic, I imagine barriers coming down between people and resources with informatization. Digital transformation of society. So, we are all smart. Less government. More money. Making the Information Age a reality through the innovation of users who practice proper netiquette.

Netiquette Values

Netiquettes mission includes content related values. On top of simply good words, good deeds, and good thoughts. Meaning of the faravahar symbol and cross. Beyond that there is a religious element. Natural law means religious. Here, focusing on the value my content provides all users.

  • Quality – High quality content.
  • Readability – Understandable to a lot of people.
  • Long-form content – In depth answers to questions.

High quality content is considered a unicorn in search results. My website is a unicorn of sorts for network etiquette. In the top three results. Follow my rules with confidence. It is better than the best schools in the world. Competitors are large accredited public universities offering marketing, business, and education degrees. I plan to make my content even better with more relevant topics. A bigger resource for readers.

Readability means easy to read. Writing that isn’t too difficult to understand. In general, clearly written. Additionally, uses simple wording. A low density of words with three or more syllables. A lot of one syllable words. Currently, not using tests to determine a grade level. However, practiced and practiced using them until I was comfortable with my style. The Flesh reading score helped me, at first. Others were used as well.

Long-form content provides in depth information. Basically, 600 words or more. Mine answers questions. It is at the top of the marketing funnel. Then, I am not explicitly asking you to buy anything. Advertising may reach you based on where you are in someone else’s marketing funnel. I am sharing with you answers to commonly asked questions.


Netiquettes mission is to create order out of chaos. Helps us engage people and apps appropriately. Provides instructions for customary contact. When using the internet. On our devices. Generations X, Y, and Z. Plus Millennials are part of the culture. Adults.


Each post answers the question, ‘what is netiquette’ for a specific keyword related to a custom. To apply conventional wisdom. In certain categories of online communications. During our daily or routine use. There is a ‘how to’ element. Readably written to span the generations.

Still, for specific users in the awareness stage of the buyer journey. And so, users are becoming aware of their online activity when they look for information related to a specific topic. Reading, even part of a page, brings you into the top of the marketing funnel. Practicing netiquettes mission is the desired action. Create order online. Sharing the website is buying in on this level.

The kind of topics I write about are internet etiquette. To create a standard for internet society. It follows, content is community building. Online at school and work or with our friends consuming media. When it is appropriate. And so, we are all required to do it at some point for one reason or another.

Teachers, news organizations, and aspiring influencers care about what I write. Students, friends, followers, and social media users read it. An online newspaper article in 2007 gave this website credibility. Started ranking on Google. Teachers began requiring students to read it. Influencers used it for digital marketing purposes. To start, only a desktop version existed.


Regular posting of long form content is how I see netiquettes mission fulfilled. In the domain NetworkEtiquette.net. Given, the root words of Netiquette are included. Just my opinion.

Netiquette rules by David Chiles. The go to reference for socially acceptable behavior online. Something teachers require their students to use. A place parents go to learn internet etiquette in order to teach their children. Something influencers share with their followers without sponsorship.

WordPress has become the platform for netiquettes mission. Building the site, I used wpbeginner.com. Founder, Syed Balkhi became an inspiration. The clarity, readability, and depth of the posts his team creates motivated me to make great long form content.


The purpose is eco-friendly digital transformation. As a result, values are partly based the teachings of Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him. His teachings in the Quran include many ecofriendly quotes. Yet, I would like to engage all people without regard for religion, gender, or orientation as a person who follows his teachings.

The Quran is a core value based on the teachings of Muhammad, PBUH. Beyond that, I accept Islam for the Quran. As it was written originally. Hence, clear recognition of equality in good faith. Understand, people from non-traditional backgrounds can participate equally. A fair status quo for all is valuable. Also, an element of sustainability to preserve our environment.

Proper internet etiquette is to judge people by the character of the content they create. Still, personal preference has to be considered. Netiquettes mission is rooted in the intrinsic value every person online contributes. We all have value. Share and share a like.


My family was part of the leadership until the Persian empire fell. We fled before they could capture us. In any event, the belief in One God comes from Zoroastrianism. Jews, Christians, and Muslims are copying the belief, writings, and teachings.

First, based on my research the prophets claim to be related. Moses son of Pharoh. Pharoh’s were all related to me. Furthermore, Zoroastrian. Clearly marked by the cornerstone faravahvar on many pyramids and temples. In fact, I began to research Masonry after reading about a ceremonial placing of a cornerstone by George Washington.

Basically, be nice to everyone. Help each other. Here, I am not addressing peoples specific beliefs. Setting the record straight that Zoroastrianism is the clear source of the belief in One God. Moreover, all the religions that follow the belief. My family created natural law.

Social Justice

There is a social justice movement in the United States. My writing is a social standard. Then, it’s different. Moreover, the people in government are criminals. It’s necessary to bear arms. Really, the President Cheated in law school, lies constantly, and his vice president is a traitor, prostitute, and corrupt politician. Don’t want any association with the movement or government.

Please, bring people together for positive engagement with Netiquette. A choice. We must be aware. For the record, the people in government of the United States of America are the worst in recorded history.

We see it in the coronavirus numbers. On top of that, the holocaust in Iraq. President Trump pardoned war criminal soldiers and civilians guilty of mass murder. In fact, all legal proceedings in the USA are a crime by the actors, lawyers, judges, court employees, and other participants. Conspiracy to deny Americans of our Constitutional Rights among other things.

Next, a quote from a tech reporter about the Covid 19 Pandemic.

“The greatest failure of American political institutions to protect human life in recent U.S. history.”

Matt Novak 3,400 Dead

Digital transformation is bringing the fact that bearing arms against the people in Government of the United States in self-defense is the right thing to do according to the law. I choose not to. Alternatively, positive engagement is what this site is about. Fully aware of the facts and law.

Yes, I want justice for the people of the United States, world for that matter, against the people in Government. However, my vision is separate. To date, I have not protested. This vision is social. It would be helped by justice.

Work to achieve good relationships. Commerce and otherwise as well. To start, core rules. After, digital marketing and cryptocurrency. We need to get on the same page socially. Next, end support for killing each other. Make friends not war. Digital marketing. Finally, a framework for working together commercially. Cryptocurrency blockchain.