Netiquette To Be Honest For Engagement 3rd Rule

Use Netiquette To Be Honest For Genuine Engagement

Use netiquette to be honest for genuine engagement. Social media and mobile millennials need content we can rely upon. To be honest netiquette for writing text or talking to others online. Credible communication from phone and app texters and talkers.

  • Correct is in fact true in an absolute Boolean sense when information is evaluated for false pretenses.
  • Whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us God is a social concept of right versus wrong easily manipulated by reference.
  • Finding truth by seeking it is an ethical interpretation at the highest level that requires acknowledgement of religious concepts.

The truth is beautiful. It follows, beauty brings out the best in us. Accordingly, it comes from within. Given honesty, facts are true. We are building a more honest internet.