Microblog Netiquette For Hashtags And Links Easy Reading Rule 8

Microblog Netiquette For Hashtags

Microblog netiquette for hashtags and links. Constructing microblog posts in an easy to read way. A couple of lines of text. Links on the bottom. So, our eyes are naturally drawn to the links. Improved engagement from clicking on hashtag or other links contained at the bottom.

Digital marketing research shows this style is more engaging. That’s the main reason we do it. But, it’s bigger than that. We do it to add value to our online relationships by providing contacts with great content. Using this style is easier on the eyes.

On top of that, relationships grow stronger when we click through to interesting content. We like our friends and followers more literally and figuratively. Hence, we may click the like button. Also, content ranks higher in our feeds. Plus, we start looking for it.