Micro Blog Text Netiquette With 2 Tips

Micro Blog Text Netiquette With 2 Tips

Micro blog text network etiquette for micro blogging to influence content consumers to read and like your posts with 3 netiquette tips.

Hashtags and links micro blog text netiquette. Constructing microblog posts in an easy to read way. A couple of lines of text. Links on the bottom. So, your eyes are naturally drawn to the links. Improved engagement from clicking on hashtag or other links contained at the bottom.

Digital marketing research shows this style is more engaging. That’s the main reason you do it. But, it’s bigger than that. You do it to add value to your online relationships by providing contacts with great content. Using this style is easier on the eyes.

On top of that, relationships grow stronger when you click through to interesting content. You like your friends and followers more, literally and figuratively. Hence, you may click the like button. Also, content ranks higher in your feeds. Plus, you start looking for it.

What is good text display?

Good text display is writing for a good user experience. Creating content with the correct context for your audience. Web content is mostly viewed on mobile devices. Apps are popular. Thus, designing your words for display on small screens.

Big blocks of text are known to drive content consumers away. Small amounts of copy are attractive. Short links at the bottom are good navigation prompts. High discoverability because you can click them with your thumbs.

Clarity is a consideration for how the copy is displayed. In the first place, this type of writing is for digital devices. Less is more clear writing for mobile. The largest segment of digital.

How to write micro blog text

Format content in a more readable layout. Use the F arrangement of text. Encourage clicks on your content. Employ a proven digital marketing method of engagement. Microblog users benefit the most. Other social networks may benefit from the technique as well.

Social media messages updates. On your mobile and personal computers with internet access. When composing messages or short status updates for microblog social media and social networks.

First, User Interface design theory includes a couple of horizontal word patterns. Then, your focus narrows. Accordingly, tested hypothesis. Also, popular designs. So, use two lines of text hashtags don’t count. Given, proper netiquette to limit text of micro-blog posts to two lines.

Short Form

Brevity is a hallmark of great writing. Internet users are known to enjoy short works. It follows, micro-blog readers like great work. We read and follow those who write brief blogs.

Accordingly, writing is a visual cue that a blog post is brief. Also, a micro blog post is a status update. However, there are networks dedicated to this short form opinion.

In any event, social media posts can be small. For certain types it is preferred. And so, status updates are included. Then, short form media goes in small blog posts. And so, platforms exist for many types.

Status Update Limits

Followers do not read posts that are longer than a few lines. One reason is that they are often delivered in a two line format. So, a good one liner goes viral. Additional characters are truncated.

When users cannot see an entire post they do not read it. It may be too long. Hence, you decide what you like from the headline. Copy has to be good. Journalists call it a lead sentence.

Currently, a few popular types of short for blog platforms exist. First, limited text social media websites are popular. Next, quick video platforms are as well. Plus, picture networks. It follows, descriptions of quick video are usually truncated after two lines. Also, limits characters.

Micro blog Text Netiquette

It is proper micro blog netiquette to limit posts to two lines. That is what followers want to read. Most excerpts are about 30 words. Usually works out to a couple of rows.

You need an account on a network that allows hashtags and backlinks. The biggest social networks allow this type of activity. Plus, a couple of specialised micro-blogging networks exist that are less popular.

Write the text of a post in a couple of lines. Hit return a couple of times. Add a few hashtags a link or both. Link may come first depending on your own preference. Micro blog text netiquette is one of the top ten social media etiquette rules.

Top Five Daily Hashtags Infographic

Top five daily hashtags are tried and tested communities. Content you can find on almost any network given the day of the week. Good to know where you can fit in without too much judgement. You judge the content of updates over all else.

First, Monday motivation, thoughts, workout, morning, and mood. Next, transformation Tuesday, truth, tip, and treat. Wednesday workout, wisdom, words, walk, and humpday. thursday thoughts, thankful, motivation, connect. tgif, friyay, fashion Friday, feeling, and food. Social Saturday, selfie, street, and social distance. Sunday cycle, sweat, science, service, and selfie.

Motivation works any day of the week. Other words go in front or behind the day depending on your own preference. Also, networks.

Micro blog Text Netiquette Tips

Presenting text in social media content plays a large role in acceptance. Readability make you like it more. Follow these 2 micro blog text netiquette tips.

2 Microblog Text Netiquette Tips

No Double Negatives

Don’t use double negatives. Too confusing.

Active Voice

Do use your active voice.