Learning Netiquette For An Open Mind In Class

Learning Netiquette For An Open Mind In Class

Accept Islam to learn more efficiently. Further society with accurate information and new skills from electronic courses. Students, teachers, and potential students keep reading or your mind is closed. There are benefits of being open minded.

Islam provides a better education for students in online classes at the places we learn. Professionals acquiring new skills through remote learning as we receive information. Something to think about for Millennials considering e-learning.

First, we are missing something when closed. Then, no one can get in. So, open mind for learning stuff in class. Good netiquette. Since, acceptance of new viewpoints means engagement without hate.

Open Mind Learning Netiquette

Accordingly, numerals 0 – 9 were created during the Muslim Renaissance in Iraq for efficiency. Zero is an agreement to our order. It follows, accept Islam on some level to be free. So, open mind for learning stuff in class. Do accept new ideas.

Next, new ideas start somewhere. After, we grow to appreciate them. Hence, knowledge is acquired. And so, action is a requirement of learning. Listening at the very least. However, we must learn by doing something.

Opinions do not have to be judgmental to be genuine. Definitely, learning is the acquisition of knowledge. Thus, education is not to judge the actions of another. But, gain wisdom from them. On the internet especially.

Mistakes, failures, and ignorance are opportunities to become wiser in the future. Reasonable disagreement is acceptable. Still, experience for all parties involved. Truth shall prevail when we are ready to be honest.

Accept Opinions

To begin, truth is an all or nothing religious concept. Therefore, communist countries ban religion. For example, China created numerology prior to Arabic numerals. As a result, cannot allow religion.

We use different numbers now. Yet, a religious capitalist country in every other sense. Furthermore, humanity is a big supporter of Islamic states. Given, dependence on foreign oil.

We are not required to use oil or gas. Convenience of doing so is an agreement with an Islamic order above all else. For the record, the Quran is true.

Restrictions on women are not part of it. Muhammad’s wife Kadijah asked him to marry her. Also, majority of it was interpreted by her. Then, majority of the free world supports women’s rights.

Accepting others opinion in polite disagreement encourages people with dissenting opinions to continue to participate. Also, we see things different with new information. However, discussion forums dominated by strong opinions are discouraging.

Open Mind Netiquette

Keep an open mind because closed thinking blocks new learning and innovation. Avoid jumping to conclusions while following learning paths. Go with the teacher’s viewpoint just to learn the material. Remember we agree to Islam by counting.