Laptop Sleeve Netiquette With 2 Tips

Laptop Sleeve Netiquette With 2 Tips

Laptop sleeve netiquette to protect a valuable asset by keeping it safe, secure, and clean as a routine for mobile computing with 2 network etiquette tips.

A cover for your computer is good laptop sleeve netiquette. Millennials, students who use notebooks for school, and workers who use them for employment. Use a case that fits over your notebook computer when it is off. To keep dirt, light spills, and other stuff from getting on it. For padding from bumps and drops.

Use of a protective covering for notebook computers when you carry them. Laptop covers inside carry cases for this mobile electronic. Put it on the device when you shut it down. A sleeve cover case for mobile laptops. Given, proper netiquette to carry it in a sleeve.

First, you wrap stuff up to carry it. For example, you put your phones in a case. After, you are good to go. But some things require more protection. Hence, double wrap delicate electronics. Since, parts break easy. Also, expensive to replace in the event of a loss.

What is a laptop sleeve?

A laptop sleeve is a tight fitting neoprene cover. Basic protection from water, dust, and scratches. Not designed for drops or as a travelling case. Sleeves do not have handles.

Sort of a second skin for your computer. Keeps your hardware clean more than anything else. Designed to fit in a larger carrying cases. A sleeve goes on a laptop before it goes in your backpack.

Increases the life of the device when used in conjunction with bags that protect it from falls. Both a case and sleeve are good to use. At least, use a sleeve. Cheaper than a bag or a case.

How to use a laptop sleeve

Use a laptop sleeve by putting on the tight fitting second skin when you turn off the computer. Specially designed to fit in bag. So, double protection inside. Goes in the internal slip of your carry case.

Put a special cover on it to help when placing your bag on concrete. A specific hazard. You must be gentle when you put down bags with electronics in them. Since, known to crack the hinges of the clam shell design.

In addition, use the special cover to help protect it riding in a car. Another reason you need to be careful. Pot holes can break a laptop. In order to protect the contents of the bag from damaging it. Similarly, public transportation poses risks. Last, use it to keep off moisture in a rain soaked bag.

Why Use A Laptop Sleeve

Sleeves cushion devices from small impact. Using them can increase the product life cycle of the computer. It follows, mobile computer damage from drops. In addition, falls. In any event, easy to drop when you remove a big device from a larger bag.

There are many backpacks with built in computer carry cases. Brief cases come with them too. However, sleeve is a separate purchase item. Then, a sleeve is a thin layer of padding. A functional product with an element of style. Laptop sleeves are necessary.

The second cover provides further protection from a fumble. Sleeve protects from heavy contents in the bag it is inside of as well. Then, protects from bumps to the bag. Similarly, from setting a bag down. Jolts from picking it up. Keeps the computer clean.

Laptop Sleeve Netiquette

Proper laptop sleeve netiquette to use this type of protective case. Things inside bags bump, scratch, and get it dirty. Buy a cloth protector. Put it on your laptop after using it. Keep it on until you need to use the computer again.

A little extra protection increases the life of your personal computer. More than just the hardware, it protects the data inside. Of course, you can back it up. Still, a big hassle to restore data from backup on a different device. Especially, when you can secure it in the first place.

Better to be safe than sorry when carrying your laptop. Safe is using a sleeve together with a carrying case outdoors. A sleeve when carrying it around indoors. Follow proper laptop sleeve netiquette. Read the top ten mobile netiquette rules for more customs.

Notebook Sizes Chart Infographic

Notebook sizes chart infographic tells you the range of screen length for basic categories. Helpful information to know how your own laptop compares to others. Additionally, for comparison when purchasing a new one. You can look at the technical specifications in terms of other computers the same length and width.

Laptop netiquette sizes. First, small is 11 to 12 inches measured diagonally from one end of the screen to the other. Next, standard or medium is 13 to 14 inches long through the centre. Last, large is 15 to 17 inches.

Accessory prices vary. A small bag is cheaper than a large. Similarly, sleeves as well. Furthermore, more hardware can fit in a bigger machine. But, close comparison is required. Could be cheaper than small components which are higher quality. Need to look at the details.

Laptop Sleeve Netiquette Tips

Reasons for using a sleeve are clear. Protects a valuable asset. Laptops are expensive and hard to replace. Yet, the type that you use may vary. Furthermore, the way that you use it. Follow these 2 netiquette tips.

2 Laptop Sleeve Netiquette Tips


Get a sturdier sleeve if you are going to walk around with it or use it in public. Consider leather.


Make sure it is a tight fit to keep dirt debris off your computer.