Judgement Discretion Netiquette Ethical 10th Rule

Judgement Discretion Netiquette

Judgement discretion netiquette for right or wrong. On phones, at work, or at school we can do better. Up to us to set our own standards of right and wrong. Certain activities require us to try harder.

  • Right on three different levels is according to religion, friends and family, and government law.
  • True to ourselves involves information gathering, seeking our best choice, and action similar to a purchase decision.
  • Personal brand is who we are for the most part, however, we shall change our decision making process with new information or a better understanding given change is good.

Discretion is a religious standard. Thus, government regulates. So, our decisions are natural, religious, in principle law. Ethics come from a belief in One God. After, we consider an algorithm when we engage. Given, it helps. Moderation and discretion censorship are not the same.