In Real Life Netiquette Matters to Contacts

We are good to each other on smartphones in social media. Similar to actions in real life netiquette. Use the best behavior we were taught.

  • Join in with others in interesting activity to be who we are in a healthy manner of online interaction.
  • Human beings have a good nature in that we help each other. Some may be misled or otherwise abused and abusive.
  • We love you and your content for who you are in order for engagement that makes us better humans.

Millennials use the web for a variety of personal reasons. Good friends make us better people. Builds authentic relationships for good contacts. So, engage positive, caring, and thoughtful people, be yourself.

In Real Life Netiquette

It can be easy to do what others want for affirmation. So, be yourself for genuine contact. It follows, difference between good and bad comes from us.

Know the difference between positive and negative. And so, comes from what we like. Healthy, not harmful. Harm is outside of the netiquette code.

There are several dimensions online contact. New technology requires new rules. Virtual meetings happen in real life. Replaces in person contact. Certain apps are more popular. Etiquette is evolving.

Be yourself meaning

Join in with others in interesting activity. Next, legitimate way to become part of a community. Personally, Kept building this site because people liked it. However, keyboard courage is a different phenomenon. Then, most of us would not be rude to someone bigger than us. Also, who knows how big users are.

  • Me
  • Myself
  • I

Consequently, we act different in online class, social media, and online. Medium is new. Ironically, be yourself quotes are easy to find online.

Then, online activities, associations, in our best interest are positive. Thus, moderate unhealthy interaction. Given, it does have entertainment value.

Online friends are not the same as friends in real life. Accordingly, web is more complicated. It follows, more aspects to profiles, contacts, and engagement.

Therefore, act as nice as we do around our inner circle. Then, primary contacts, work, family, friends. On other hand, acting different when interaction is digital is fake.

For example, making trouble with inflammatory comments. Thus, troll activity. Then, not being self. Different from normal standard.

A place to be yourself

Human beings have a good nature. It follows, reasonable actions with positive effects are good. Decisions based on our experience and education are our own.

Best self is the good manners we know. So, defaults to teachers, trainers, or civic organizations. ‘Grandmother Test’ of acceptable vocabulary is a popular.

Following standards, we learned at home, school, and elsewhere encourages everyone to be on their best behavior. It follows, internet etiquette.

The internet class

We love you and your content. Accept responsibility for helping others as a Digital Citizens. Being your best self is more than creating a positive online image. It is helping.

Acting different causes communication problems. Instigators and agitators are trolls. Not serious.

Be yourself for all the good things it can do for us, online society. It’s good netiquette. We are our associations. Online engagement takes more into account. Having good friends does not make up for bad online etiquette.

In Real Life Netiquette

Act as you do in reality. Be on best behavior. We are good. Misleading is bad. Remember who you are.

We learn from our parents first. Go to go to school. Also, religious principles include family and education.

Last, we are the content we consume as well. Then, family content is for everyone. Adult interaction is limited. Also, exclusive. It follows, we have different standards in private groups. Our best self is what we want to show online.

Good behavior online is who we are. Authentic relationships is what we get. Try it out. Be your best.