Image Post Netiquette With 2 Tips

Image Post Netiquette With 2 Tips

Image post network etiquette to create great User Generated Content (UGC) contacts like and share in social media with 2 netiquette tips.

Social media image post netiquette. Images posted on social networks people engage. Pictures and graphics you share with contacts. Most people like visuals more than text. Builds stronger relationships. Encourages others to share better content.

Share visual imagery for positive engagement. More love, likes, and shares. People who use social networks, students, and workers. Social, educational, and work content on networks. When you use the internet on your phone with friends, classmates, and coworkers.

First, we prefer to look at an image over text. It follows, reading takes more time. Also, requires thinking, reasoning, and concentration. So, pictures in posts are popular on social networks. Given, proper netiquette to post pics for preference. So, upload photos to social domains for better engagement. Become a more popular person with good images.

What is an image post?

An image post is the transmission of photos and graphics on a social media network. Uploading pictures from your device through your account for contacts. In addition, providing a URL that points to a picture which is displayed inside the network.

Image posting is photo sharing. Plus, other graphical depictions. Files that have .jpg or .png extensions are images. JPG files are lower quality than PNG. Files sizes are smaller.

Social media networks recommend certain size images. In general, high quality images have larger dimensions. Display is designed in proportion. Thus, aspect ratio can be used for the desired rendering. Using a different aspect ratio or dimensions may result in certain portions not appearing. Could be off center.

Update capable of reaching a larger audience. You get more engagement. As a result, a numbers game. In any event, certain factors increase views.

How to make an image post

Make an image post by sharing a .png or .jpg file online. In the first place, you filter and photoshop. Use some discretion. Also, make sure images are the right size.

Use images that are easy for users to understand. No education is required to know what your looking at. It doesn’t take a degree to smile. Establish a connection based on the human condition.

Give contacts a good feeling from a happy picture. Hence, there is an element of instant gratification. On the other hand, text takes some time to enjoy. But, you can make pics quick fun to look at.

Social Network Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. And so, a thousand words equals a lot of comments. Post photos because they encourage engagement through comments by popular convention.

Accordingly, images receive more comments than text status updates. Everyone has an opinion on how a photo looks. You can see it. But, words with more than one syllable are hard to understand. So, must be popular among friends already for reading comprehension.

It is part of our instinct to engage good photos. Simply changing our profile picture can increase engagement. Also, including graphics with posts is proven to be more liked. After, cultural content is what you identify by showing love. In addition, sharing.

Social Network Picture Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to post images for your friends. Encourages engagement since most people have an opinion. Furthermore, validates your relationships through sharing. Take pictures, selfies, and share.

We like what we can see better than anything else. Algorithms reward images with higher rankings as well. And so, place a photo in a post for a boost. Get noticed for good photos.

Social network picture netiquette is to include a few selfies and candid photos in your feed. Show your online friends who you really are. Image post netiquette is one of the top ten social media rules.

Picture Network Infographic

Social network picture netiquette infographic that identifies the years popular websites started. Gives us an idea of how old each one is. Also, how popular. On top of that, some or one you may not already know about. Information you may be able to use to open an account or make better posts.

To start, tumblr launched in the year two thousand and seven. Back then it was Not Safe For Work. Now, it is. Since it was purchased. After, sold to Automatic who owns Pinterest launched in twenty ten. A lot of users with an ecommerce focus. Infographics and quotes are popular.

Next, a couple of new types of picture networks came around. Instagram launched in twenty ten like, Pinterest. But, it has a lot of pictures of people. Videos too. Wildly popular. It makes people famous. More recently, We Heart It launched in twenty eleven.

Image Post Netiquette Tips

Now, you know people like to look at a good image. Certain techniques and tactics make some image posts better than others. Follow these 2 image post netiquette tips.

2 Image Post Netiquette Tips


Research the recommended size. Use a search engine.


Crop the file to the exact dimensions or aspect ratio.