How to Calculate Home Savvy Savings 2nd Ecofriendly Rule

How to Calculate Home

How to calculate home appliance energy. Quantify going green. Here, basic math required to live sustainably. Formulas we can use to calculate our consumption rates. Analysis of our habits for lifestyle decision making purposes. To give us options for saving electricity from unplugging stuff to purchase decisions in the future. We can make sacrifices elsewhere in order to use a lot in other ways.

  • Energy efficiency is to improve output while decreasing input.
  • Fossil fuels give us most of what we need. But, it’s dirty.  

Quantify sustainability for a more ecofriendly lifestyle. Millennials who use social media. Professionals doing work at home. Students distance learning. At a desk with pencil and paper. On a device. At the time we are budgeting we plan. As ecofriendly opportunities present themselves.