Font Color Netiquette For Work Email

Font Color Netiquette For Email

Use blue or black font for professional electronic messages. Other colors distract from the message and are unprofessional. Do this when sending email about how we earn a living. In the software applications. Email safe fonts and typography are an accessibility issue where color is concerned.

Work from anywhere professionals, remote workers, and administrative workers need to make readable messages. So, coworkers take correct actions upon receipt.

First, we look at writing differently if it is not standard. And so, wrong in a sense. Hence, black font for professional email. Good netiquette to use standard text colors. As a result, don’t use fancy fonts or write in red. Given, unprofessional.

Black Font Netiquette

Black is the correct font color for email. Blue is acceptable. Red is a sign of disrespect. Then, business has its own tradition. Accordingly, the color red denotes a sale. Also, a correction. Color association is a key to doing business. Trust factor.

In addition, some fonts are hard to read. Cursive and serifs fonts are illegible in some cases. The stylistic extensions of characters confuse us sometimes. Accordingly, ‘tails’ on the ends of characters. Sans means without. Therefore, sans serif has less stylistic character. More clear.

Blue or black are traditional colors for business communication. They are the colors business people write with. Pens of this color are the standard. Other color pens are hard to find in stores. Plus, cost more. Since, red is distracting. In addition, do not use red, yellow, or green. Each is associated with something else.

Text Presentation

First, serif fonts are generally for online headings. Therefore, a subject line is a heading. Accordingly, sans-serif fonts are for body copy, text. Serif fonts are easier to read when large text is shrunk for small screens. Lines are thicker.

Along those lines, a red serif font for regular text is very hard to understand in regular text. We do not see them often for this reason. Easier in bigger words. Furthermore, elegant in subheadings. In addition, titles.

Next, black and blue are professional. Also, Red is for text highlight. It follows, green is for promotions. So, colors have customary uses. Blue and black are professional.

Black Font Netiquette For Work Email

Use clear fonts blue or black color because some are illegible due to style and color. Set the font color to blue or black in the setting. Often, an icon button exists in the program.