Writing In Text Is Marketing Full Words For Business

We like quick adverts. Also, few syllables. However, it takes a little more for understanding. Hence, clear unambiguous. So, writing in text is marketing full works for business. Given, proper netiquette to be understood. It, follows, don’t write in abbreviated slang.

Writing Netiquette For Business

Writing In Text

Next, a text is a short and simple message that does not include whole words. It includes short references to whole words that when put together make a message.

It is unprofessional on one level. Who knows what we are talking about. Since, we are not sure. As a result, professionals have standards. Shortened words are more like tags, arbitrary.

Word Choices

We use characters to communicate on and through the internet. Professionals prefer whole words. So, no abbreviated messages. Then, arbitrary is unconventional. And so, all must agree.

Hence, conventions for removing vowels are not cool for certain stuff. On the other hand acceptable for others. Given, we want to relate to an ad. But, understand a receipt.

Writing In Text Netiquette

Refrain from writing in text because slang is unclear and ambiguous.

Last, for more info check out business category and page posts. Finally, cartoons with these and other rules. Related conventions. Also, theory.