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Write Full Words For Business

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

In the first place, we like quick adverts. Also, few syllables. However, it takes a little more for understanding. Hence, more clear, less ambiguous. So, write full words for business. Given, proper netiquette to be understood. It, follows, don’t write in abbreviated slang.

Write Full Words Netiquette For Business

Next, a text is a short and simple message. As a result, does not include whole words. Yet, short references to whole words. When put together makes a message. But, target group already understands. Leaves out important information required to seal the deal for business.

Then, quick messages grab our attention. It follows, more complex language is required for a transaction. Messaging is unprofessional on a certain level. Minds can’t really meet if an acronym has double meaning.

Who knows what we are talking about. Furthermore, not quite sure. Thus, professionals have standards. Shortened words are more like tags, arbitrary. Denotes inside information rather than an acceptable form of communication.

Word Choices

In any event, we use characters to communicate on and through the internet. Professionals prefer whole words. So, no abbreviated messages. Then, arbitrary is unconventional. And so, all must agree. Marketing goes to the masses. Business is run by educated individuals. Also, insiders. Therefore, whole words plus industry jargon make messages more effective.

Hence, conventions for removing vowels are not cool for certain stuff. On the other hand acceptable for others. Given, we want to relate to an ad. But, know what the deal is on a receipt. Item number plus a description. On top of that, price plus any taxes and fees. It is a contract.

An advertisement is an achievement we may aspire to. An email between business associates is part of the process of getting there. Still, takes work to get there. Education to understand. Experience in a related field teaches us the language. College degree gives us the intelligence. Our professional writing reflects it.

Write Full Words Netiquette

Refrain from writing in text because slang is unclear and ambiguous.