Work Hours on Smartphones Rest Breaks Too

First, we can do more with a new mobile device than an old pc. So, work hours on smartphones rest breaks too. Given, proper netiquette to do business during business hours. Don’t use your phone for business all the time.

Work Netiquette Smartphones


To start, app stores have a lot of business programs. Then, productivity applications allow users to work. Also, communication category does business.

Now, we can work at all hours. Given, even reading emails is work. Also, phone calls. Plus, research. A lot can be done from a phone in the palm of our hands.

Smartphone Business Computer

Responding to emails is doing business in cyber space. Do business in cyber space during business hours for credibility. Also, a form of accountability.

However, websites are online all day and night. So, management of web apps may require work at any hour. Given, our responsibility. Then, our definition of professional is changing.

So, we can work on our phones. Also, the internet is open 24 hours a day. It follows, management traditionally gets the job done no matter what it takes. Workers get paid by the hour approved by management. And so, lines are blurring.

Work Hours on Smartphones Netiquette

Limit business use to business hours because setting boundaries is healthy.

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