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White Space Highlights Content For Web Design

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

We look a certain way. Then, our eyes are trained to look certain place. Plus, at certain things. So, white space highlights content for web design. Hence, for certain visual cues. Given, proper netiquette to highlight content. Do leave white space around important content.

White Space Netiquette For Web Design

Leaving a clean area around sections of content on a web page attracts the eyes of the viewers. The content of the page becomes the focus. On the other hand, minimalist.

An area acts as a highlighter, similar to a marker on text. Marketing in a sense that consumer research provides this knowledge. However, human nature in principle.

Our eyes scan pages like a letter “F” in English. Thus, a banner on top. Then, content down the left side. Links at the bottom and on the side. ‘We need this area to be clean.’

Content Highlights

In any event, assists viewers in digesting the content on a web page. Too much content is distracting. It follows, gives us direction. Then, we look at content in an “F” shape on a page.

As a result, we place content where viewers look. So, makes material standout in sequence. Depends on language of site as well. Given, some are left to right. On the other hand, some right to left.

Accordingly, clean is how we describe it. Cluttered is hard for mobile users to consume. Then, could be hard click on content. As a result, cluttered is hard to navigate. Clean is simple and smooth.

White Space Netiquette

Leave a clean area around sections. Given, it highlights content. Also, we look at it in a n “F” shape. After, make sure we have enough. Be generous. Make sure content is clean. Last, visitors will like and share our webpages if we arrange them nicely.