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White Background For Clean Web Design

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, almost a religious requirement for some. Cleanliness is close to Godliness. And so, we are not supposed to clutter our web pages. Given, social media profiles are web pages. So, white background for clean web design. Personally, cleanliness is compared to a white shirt. Given, proper netiquette to be neat.

White Background Netiquette For Web Design

After all, makes it easier to read colored text. Also, display graphics on screen. And so, a full energy common background for all digital document types. Alternatively, some colors are not readable with colored backgrounds. High contrast is required for a good view.

To start, text is colored set on a white background in textbooks. Hence, black is the most popular text color. Then, shows up well. As a result, their is a big contrast in colors. As a result, readability is the biggest factor.

In addition, graphics generally have many colors. The many colors of graphics display nicely contrasted with a white background. In general, digital documents have white backgrounds, word processing text files, graphic files, and others. A web page is a digital document.

Good Web Design

White backgrounds for web content are considered clean. This is true for graphics and web pages. The top websites in the world ranked by Alexa have white backgrounds.

Accordingly, a clean background is required for top ranking sites. Given, following the standard set by the most popular websites. It follows, visitors expect good sites to be clean.

Still, mobile standards encourage black and white. White works well with fully charged devices. Black saves energy in dark mode. But, hard to see. As a result, perfect conditions are thought of with a white background. Next, we might want to switch to dark mode to save power.

White Background Netiquette

Use white backgrounds because content shows up clearly.