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Website URL in Digital Signatures

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, a domain is a status symbol. Indicates a level of sophistication. So, website URL in digital signatures. Given, good netiquette to include a support reference. As a result, do provide a hyperlink for further information regarding a message.

Website Netiquette Signatures

All email comes from a domain on the internet. Then, domains have network identifiers. Thus, there is a domain name. Also, internet protocol address for the server. It follows, URL represents a domain by name. Contents back it up for better or worse.

Also, a level of competency in electronic messages. Businesses without a website are not competent communicators. It follows, small screens are harder to navigate. Therefore, website shall be mobile first. A good message can turn into a bad one without a mobile site. Works both ways, a great site can change the perception of a message.

In any event, a domain is official. Furthermore, we need to promote our resources. After, web surfers know where to find us. A form of marketing. Builds our brand.

Clickable Links

Many people have separate websites from email domains. Other domains in addition to the one from which an email is sent. or received. Accordingly, need to put domain in the signature to find. Else, won’t be associated with the messages.

Really, provides a virtual reference for the information in the email. As a best practice goes on a separate line. Branding is a reason. We get an unobstructed view. Less clutter. In addition, easy to click the wrong link on a touchscreen. Technically, an accessibility part of web design.

And so, a form of SEO as well. Since, clicks from emails are counted separately. Marketing metrics count clicks from within messages different. Higher value is assigned. A more engaging view. Visitor is already engaged.

Website URL Netiquette

Domain address because it adds credibility.