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Violence Not For Amateur Video

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, violence begets violence. So, no violent graphic images for amateur video. Proper netiquette to refrain from depicting harm to humans. Also, watching people hurt each other. It follows, don’t create or consume personal harmful content.

Violence Not For Amateur Video Netiquette

To begin, showing pictures of harm teaches viewer how to hurt others. Also, makes us more aggressive. Next, sharing information about it promotes it. Get the idea. Violent movies have entertainment value. Better left up to professionals. As a result, not a personal affirmation.

In any event, violence is uncivilized. And so, begets more harm. Accordingly, this type of media makes us more aggressive. Research supports what we already know. Hence, leads to verbal and physical fights or disagreements. Given, we take it in.

Thus, harm to human beings is anti social. Make love not war. Consumption of content with people hurting each other on a personal level goes against society. Netiquette is civilization online. Therefore, they are opposites.

Peaceful Content

Now, promoting peaceful videos creates a psychological barrier. After, there is difference between harmful content. Given, unacceptable if no one likes it. Many people support non-violent content.

Next, studies have shown a direct connection. Violent media and aggressive behavior go hand in hand. Given, we have rules against it. Motion pictures have a rating system. Limits access to this type of content on some levels. Entertainment value attracts more of a certain audience.

In conclusion, we want and need a clear barrier against harming each other. A line we do not cross. Creating content without harm our selves does this. Last, a feeling of remorse watching around the wrong crowd is what we are going for. Similar to the rating system already in place.

Violence Netiquette

Use moderation when uploading or watching human violence because it teaches it.