Video Game Netiquette. Hence, the culture of electronic games. Then, games played on video screens. It follows, tips help us play. Also, win.

So, video software entertainment engages users who manipulate video with input. Thus, can keep us mentally fit.

Hence, benefits depend on the type of games. Given, takes a lot of education to process the experience properly.

Time needed: 25 minutes.

Video Game Netiquette Rules

  1. Rivalry

    Acceptable. Given, promotes improvement. Rivalry is Good Video Games

  2. Good Sport

    How you play a game matters in real life.Sport Good Gamer

  3. Cooperate

    Help our team win.Obstacles Video Game

  4. Learn

    Mistakes make us better.Cooperation Video Game

  5. Rage Quit

    Stay in the game.Rage Quit Video Game

  6. Virtual

    Not real. Cyberspace.Gaming

Video Game Netiquette

Conventions of playing. Thus, a social code of sportsmanship. It follows, competition is central to gaming.

Also, known to cause aggression. So, competition can be aggressive. Sportsmanship brings an element of fellowship to the game.

An outlet of exercise is a conventional suggestion. Balanced game play that limits exposure to violence is advisable.


A software program that takes user input to tell a story. Winning is reaching a predefined goal with proper input.

The story of the game plays out on a video screen. They are streams of data. The outcome is manipulated by a user.

Competition is a key element. Other players may be the competition or the software itself.

The social rules of digital video competition. The theme of these conventions is positive entertainment.

These games are entertainment. The conventions facilitate having fun in a socially supportive atmosphere. The experience should be a good one. There are many positive things that come from playing games. Some issues have to be mitigated.

Guidelines provide a basis for a good time. Tips for having fun. Conventions to ensure issues do not inhibit positive interaction.

Finally, watch some cartoons. Given, related to this topic. Helps, in general with online activities. Gaming included.