User Research Profile Reading For Auctions

User research. Hence, good Netiquette to research buyers or sellers. So, don’t do business blindly.

User Research Netiquette Auctions

User Research

If a user has a lot of good feedback you can expect a smooth transaction. If there is negative feedback, you be the judge.

Auctions Research

Good feedback usually leads to a smooth transaction. It means people felt good enough about their transaction to leave feedback. There are usually a lot of smooth transactions for sellers with a small amount of good feedback. Many users do not leave positive feedback when a seller deserves it.

Bad feedback should taken seriously. Many people cannot afford to be swindled. The time it takes to get a refund may cost more then the the item is worth.

Users Netiquette

Research the buyer or seller because it can help avoid problems.

Last, for more auction info read category and page posts. Finally, watch some cartoons related to our topic. Business specifically. Also, security.