Unknown Links Get No Clicks For Personal Security

First, there is a fear of the unknown. Next, applies to web pages as well. So, unknown links get no clicks for personal security. Given, good netiquette to refrain from following links from unknown sources. So, don’t follow links from hidden profiles.

Unknown Links Get No Clicks For Personal Security

Unknown Link

Next, clicking a link connects your electronic device, computer, to a remote computer in the cloud, a server. The server sends information, code, to the connected computer for interpretation. Viruses, malware, and spyware can be injected into your device when a link is clicked.

Hyperlinks Addresses

Get to know a website before you follow clicks that it provides because may lead to malware. Blogs and personal websites have viruses. Given, less secure.

Then, visit more than once. Also, check the page rank. In addition, reputation. Before a link click or a file download.

Antivirus protection often ranks websites with a browser plugin. Spam email has been known to include links that inject viruses, malware, and spyware.

Unknown Links Netiquette

Follow links to sites with good reputations because antivirus provides ratings to prevent hacks.

Last, for more info check out the category and page posts. To end, please watch the cartoons. Given, videos about related topics. Also, theory. Good advice.