Unknown Attachments Are Not To Be Opened

First, there is a healthy fear of what we do not know with good reason. Unknown attachments are not to be opened. Given, good netiquette to confirm the contents. As a result, do not open unknown.

Unknown Attachment Netiquette Antivirus

Unknown Attachment

Confirm the materials of an email. And so, other stuff too. Hence, can be done with a phone call. It follows, third party validation of the elements.

In any event, we cannot just open an file add on to another message. First, we should know about pics or programs coming to us. Then, to be expected. Given, we got the notification.

Otherwise, we have to check. On the other hand, we could just delete the message altogether. Hence, sender can resend if it is important.

Antivirus Unknown Attachments

As long as we expect materials along with an incoming message. Also, have antivirus software. Then, be comfortable opening.

So, from close friends and associates. Now, association includes business, professional, and personal emails.

Unknown Attachments Netiquette

Confirm attachments because viruses automatically send messages with attachments to spread.

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