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Unfriend With Good Reason in Social Networks

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

To start, we are accepting. Also, contacts posts appear in our feed. Then, we cannot accept every thing. But, we can accept requests. So, unfriend with good reason in social networks. Given, proper netiquette to leave the door open. In addition, hide posts in our feeds.

Unfriend Netiquette Social Networks

Next, it is reasonable to unfriend negative people. In addition, those that post offensive comments. On the other hand, keep someone even though you don’t love their profile picture. However, like their posts. Be reasonable with associates.

It follows, friendship is the highest level of social media recognition. Given, our profile picture can be seen on pages with this designation. Hence, direct access communication is often granted. We can send emails within the network. Also, other contact information is available. Accordingly, acceptance is good.

Rejection is bad. As a result, removing a connection is not a good thing. Unless, the account is detracting from our online image. In addition, hurting us in real life. Then, we have an obligation to ourselves to remove distractions. However, a high standard. Something to consider after other actions have been taken to mitigate offensive interaction.

Social Networks Friends

Unfriend users for good reasons rather than arbitrary endings. No one Likes to lose a friend and everyone wants closure when things come to an end. Unfriending a cyber friend can have real and cyber implications.

Real feelings may get hurt we break it off with someone. Which, can lead to a lot of negative things online and off. So, just because we have not given a like in a while is not reasonable.

However, ignoring us with no communication offline is sufficient. Also, unwanted status updates. Social networking is not a popularity contest, it’s a component of a users digital self.

Unfriend Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to keep your cyber friends unless they are hurting your online image because it’s better to make friends than enemies.