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Trust Cannot Be Given Online For Personal Security

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, we do not have physical contact with internet acquaintances. Accordingly, we cannot believe something that is not real. In any event, trust cannot be given online for personal security. Given, good netiquette to refrain from giving associates information against our interests. As a result, don’t share secrets with cyber friends.

Trust No One

To start, internet is digital. It is not physical, real. Then, it is virtual. Similar to a video game. However, information is relied upon based on our own experiences. Hence, makes it unreasonable to trust another user with anything real.

Contacts come from a good track record are helpful. Personal brands are nice. Furthermore, created from assisting others. Even if it is entertainment. Makes us feel good. We need that. Social tips are awesome. What works for me often works for you. That sort of thinking is inspirational.

Then the saying, “don’t trust him as far as you can throw him” means not at all online. Given you cannot physically encounter a person. It follows, you cannot throw them. And so, keep our business to ourselves in a certain manner. Still, we can help others. Yet, not to our detriment.

Secret & Lies

Thus, there are many ways to circumvent our sense. Therefore, traditional scam detection does not always work. In the first place, personal info is accessible in social media profiles. Often, fake profiles exist with real info. Also, requests targeted based on personal data.

In addition, there are a lot of outright lies and sad stories that scam artists use, including stealing email addresses and asking friends and relatives for money. Verify everything in reality.

Networking is for business. All requests from people who we do not know are for a reason. We connect to get ahead. Share with us. We share with them. But, a relationship is required. In addition, give and take has to start somewhere. Giving a product is not the same as sharing our own practices.

Trust Cannot Be Given Netiquette

Do not trust online associates because a digital relationship is not real.