Trolling Not Aloud For Education To Learn

First, good people avoid offending others. Then, offensive name calling is bad. So, trolling not aloud in education to learn. Given, proper netiquette.

First, good people avoid offending others. But, poor people cannot afford to be good in a lot of situations. Then, we are only dealing with offensive name calling as bad in a social sense. So, trolling not aloud in education to learn. Given, proper netiquette to refrain from personal attacks. As a result, don’t be a troll.

No Trolls Netiquette For Education

In the first place, personal attacks are the opinions of others. Not educational. However, public figures actions are personal. Hence, attacks are acceptable. Next, we learn best without our own bias. But, must have an opinion on politics.

In any event we want the facts to learn. So, no name calling. It follows, incorrect as a fact. In fact, discourages proper education. Hard to learn from someone with a different opinion. On the other hand, facts are hidden in opinions.

Thus, name calling is a problem on all levels when we learn. And so, trolls are internet trouble makers. Thus, trolling is another term for name calling. Given, personal attacks. Also, an opinion based on little facts.

No Troll Education

Argue issues regarding material presented for instruction. Instruct based on fact. Furthermore, refrain from stating prejudices. We move a discussion forward by addressing issues. Learning the core facts of materials allows us to make up our own mind.

After, engage topics for more information. So, we are acquiring knowledge. Getting information is good. Questioning stuff we do not understand is learning. In addition, we remember it better when we discuss it. Making trouble discourages it.

On the other hand, root causes of offensive behavior is often unrelated. For example, a hungry person may make an inappropriate comment or irrelevant points.

Trolling Not Aloud Netiquette

Argue issues, topics, and subjects not prejudices or irrelevant points because attacks are bullying.