Toothpick Clean Ports For Computer Security

To start, wires are part of computing. It follows, smaller is better. But, hard to get to. So, toothpick clean ports for computer security. Given, good Netiquette to clean ports. Hence, do clean ports with toothpicks.

Toothpick Clean Ports

Ports Toothpick Clean

First, we charge plug in devices. Next, plug and play is standard for electronics. So, we plug into a power source. It follows, on a daily basis.

A wall charger. On the other, another computer. Also, transfer files. For example, transferring pictures is common.

As a result, places we plug in get dirty. Hence, spills on devices. But, air blows debris in as well. So, we need to do it once in a while.

Clean Connections

In any event, we wipe away visible dirt that impairs connections. Then, there are accidents. Given, we may know we just got it dirty.

After, grab a toothpick. Next, pick out some stuff. Thus, a smooth surface for our electronics to meet.

Toothpick Clean Ports Netiquette

Therefore, get inside our small connections. As a result, better transfer. Faster charge. Plus, quick pics.

Last, for more info check out category and page posts. Finally, watch cartoons. Characters share related protection advice. General tips as well. Also, theories of engagement.