Tips To Share With Friends in Class

First, it is good Netiquette to share knowledge. So, don’t hold back information that may help others.

Tips Netiquette Class

Tips To Share

Online classes have a different social structure than in person classes. Students interact by moderated discussion. Discussions encourage and reward educational statements, comments, or other class participation. Judge by contributions. Given, credibility based on the knowledge that we share.

Class Tips

Good e-Learning students help other students. A good reputation comes from peers. Classmate engagement teaches us. Teachers often cannot engage students due to class size.

Student hours of study are generally different than professors hours of teaching. Other students may be the only available resource. Helping others by sharing knowledge earns a good reputation among the class.

Tips Netiquette

Share knowledge because it gives credibility in the class.

Last, for info about classes check out the category and page posts. To end, watch a few cartoons. General web tips. Given, everything helps. Provides more confidence.