Threads Stay on Topic For Class Discussions

First, good responses to tough questions are on bulletin boards. So, threads stay on topic for class discussions. Given, good netiquette to stay on topic. Don’t change discussion thread topics.

Threads Stay on Topic


In any event, changing the subject of a conversation online is digitally disruptive. After, makes it harder to find the answers you need in the web discussions.

Given, class discussion contain the keys to difficult problems students have with the material. Then, changing the direction of an engagement is misleading. After, we may read a lot of unrelated content.

On the other hand, good answers may be hidden. Since, we have to look. Also, search feature brings up a post at a time. So, misplaced content may get in between us and the info we need.

Class Thread Topic

Questions that appear in the homework and quizzes are asked and answered in online discussion for the whole class to see and participate.

Staying on topic for a particular thread makes it easier for everyone to locate the information they need when they need it.

Threads Stay on Topic Netiquette

Stay on topic because off topic posting is distracting.

Last, for info about classes check out the category and page posts. To end, watch a few cartoons. General web tips. Given, everything helps. Provides more confidence.