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Text Netiquette Rules

Text netiquette rules are the social code of sending and receiving short messages. So, SMS is an app that works in conjunction with another service. Common on mobile phones.

Short Message Service is a customary authenticator. We got to use it.

Consequently, part of wireless service plans. Additionally, more fees and charges may apply. Then, can be sent from internet. Similarly, websites as well as mobile devices.

Thus, a social code of using the service. Equally, the apps. Granted that, messages are sent through the web on network devices. And so, we have customs for sending characters to each other by phone.

Here, quick tips. Definitions for context. Spend some time on text netiquette rules posts for a greater understanding.

Time needed: 45 minutes.

Text Netiquette Rules

  1. Email

    Long. Send electronic message instead.

  2. Sext

    No. Remember semi public.

  3. Emoticons

    A few add meaning.

  4. Anger

    Writing about it makes it last longer.

  5. Good News

    No information to upset recipients.

Text Network Etiquette

As a matter of fact, acronyms and abbreviations are common. But, they are not that specific. Lots have double meaning.

As a custom we incorporate acronyms to fit character limits. In addition, abbreviations. Together with, emojis. Rather, we edit when it gets too long.

As a result, special characters facilitate effective communication. Next, saves time. More importantly, character space. Then, rules are how we do it. Not, the content.

In any event, non standard writing. So, a personal characterization. Companies use it for marketing their brands as well. Given, its a unique mark. Brings us together in brand awareness. Be it personal or marketing.


Texting is the composition and transmission of character messages. In particular, short ones. For one thing, often limited to 140 character or less.

A character is a single letter or space. Abbreviations use a few letters in place of a whole word. Acronyms replace multiple words. Emojis replace contextual feeling.

Small amounts of data transmitted easily.  As a result, popular among cell phone users. An app that comes installed on both feature and smartphones. Still, more powerful programs are available.

Text Netiquette

As technology increases internet communication will become faster, which means more texting. Instant messaging will really be instant and you have to know how to say the right thing fast.