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Tell On Authority To Help Us in Schools

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

On one hand, don’t regulate others. On the other, immediately let someone know when it affects us personally. So, tell on authority to help us in schools. Given, good netiquette to talk to a trusted adviser about things that make you uncomfortable. Do tell. Checks and balances are required.

Authority Netiquette Schools

Next, we consider education a right. Also, seek it out. So, it is necessary. Then, tech is making it easier. As as a result, more of a business. Hence, feedback helps us improve. In addition, past abuse has been noted. Furthermore, we have more resources now.

There are many things that can happen in a school setting that break the rules or laws. Cheating among students is common. Contact that is not appropriate between coaches and athletes is another.

Proper protocol is to tell someone. A trusted adviser is an authority figure in good standing in the community who can help. Not necessarily a parent or a teacher. A good friend. Someone who can help us deal with the situation emotionally.


We break the rules and the law. When this happens, tell a trusted advisor. They can help us deal with it. Seeing someone do something inappropriate may bother us. ‘Get it off our chest’ so to speak. Also, might need to tell a couple people. Often, we tell ten people about bad customer experiences.

For example, principles of schools should not be at a casino on a regular basis. Especially alone. Probably on drugs which leads to a lot of criminal activity. Recreational gambling occasionally with a friend or friends may be acceptable. Tell somebody.

Report perceived crime to someone. Even if it is seen on the internet. Sometimes a person may just need some good advice. Telling a trusted advisor is the right thing to do for teachers and students alike.

Tell On Authority Netiquette

Tell a respectable person anytime something uncomfortable happens because their opinion is respected.