Records Receipt Item Descriptions For Auctions

Records receipt. It follows, good Netiquette to keep good records. Thus, do save copies.

Photos of Items From All Angles For Auctions

Photos of items. It is good Netiquette to post a lot of pictures. Don’t post without…

Descriptions Of Items For Sale In Auctions

Descriptions of items. Hence, good Netiquette to describe items honestly. So, don’t post misleading information.

Item Shipping Fast Delivery For Auctions

Item shipping. It follows, good Netiquette to ship items immediately. Hence, do provide fast delivery.

Bad Feedback Buyers And Sellers For Auctions

Bad feedback. It follows, good Netiquette to stay away from negative users. Then, do know that…

Maximum Bid Amount On Items In Auctions

Maximum bid. It follows, good Netiquette to set a max bid. Then, don’t go over your…

Feedback For Items Bought And Sold In Auctions

Feedback for items. It follows, good Netiquette to leave reviews. So, Don’t forget to provide a…

User Research Profile Reading For Auctions

User research. Hence, good Netiquette to research buyers or sellers. So, don’t do business blindly.

Double Check Pictures And Descriptions Auctions

Double check. It follows, good Netiquette to verify everything about an item. So, look and check.