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Smartphone Netiquette Rules

Smartphone netiquette rules are the culture of mobile phones. Consequently, activity that surrounds phones with internet connections. Given, devices can do things computers used to.

We need to use phones for our daily lives. Show some style. Do what we got to do.

Thus, conventions for their use. Accordingly, portability makes them accessible almost anywhere. Does not mean that you can or should use them anywhere.

Ringing telephones are known to distract meetings of all sorts. Socially unacceptable interruptions. Something we need to know how to mitigate. Then, we shall learn tips.

Here, a quick overview of top customs. Definitions provide background as well as context. After, smartphone netiquette rules posts for further reading to get a complete understanding.

Time needed: 1 hour.

Smartphone Netiquette Rules

  1. Simple

    Text is short.

  2. Hours

    Schedule operations.

  3. Real

    Don’t ignore others.

  4. Info

    No sensitive data sending.

  5. Check

    Be reasonable.

  6. Task

    One at a time.

  7. ‘Excuse Me’

    Acknowledge use.

  8. Silent

    No sound. Vibrate makes noise.

Phone Network Etiquette

So, it is common to begin a gathering by asking participants to turn down alerts. It follows, most important rule regarding these devices is do not talk or text and drive.

Consequently, damage accidents cause cannot be undone in most cases. Be aware, human life is lost or changed forever in preventable accidents.

Cell Phone

The iPhone made the Smartphone popular in 2007. Now it is a category of device. They have preinstalled applications (apps) that organize it.

There is a calendar, email, and synchronization built in. Additionally, there are free and fee based apps available for download from the service provider, manufacturer, and other developers.

They are smart because of their features. A media player, camera, GPS, broadband, and Wi-Fi. This, on top of an OS that allows installation of apps.

They can connect to a personal computer with Bluetooth or USB cable to transfer media. A keyboard is built in or virtual.

A virtual keyboard is a soft keyboard on touchscreen phones. Typically the screens are larger than traditional cell phones to accommodate the multimedia capabilities.

Smartphone Netiquette

Smartphone Netiquette Rules. The rules are guidelines and tips for effective communication. Avoiding distraction is the theme of these customs.