Short Text Messages for Small Screen Smartphones

In the first place, long goes unread. So, short text messages for small screen smartphones. Given, proper Netiquette to send simple quick communication. Don’t send long complicated stuff.

Short Text Messages

Text Short

At first, use small words. After, write others out entirely. Given, we have enough character space. As a result, the most effective way to text.

On the other hand, long words are hard to understand. Small words do not take up a lot of character space. Hence, gives us more space to send the message.

Also, we do not want to distract the recipient. So, we just do it simply. Nothing too complicated or call.

Smartphones Texting

Writing entire words rather than abbreviations ensures understanding. In any event, abbreviations and acronyms are not understood by everyone. Given, many have multiple meanings.

As a result, format is loose. It follows, alternate communication may be required. And so, no response to a follow up question is acceptable. Since, waste of time. Also, ineffective.

Short Text Messages Netiquette

Send simple text messages because they are easy to understand.

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