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Share What We Hear in Music Networks

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, we know our likes and dislikes. Next, our enjoyment is the main purpose of engagement. After, we consider what others may like in common with us. Hence, our own personal feelings on melodic tunes. So, share what we hear in music networks. Open up to it. Given, proper netiquette to share good music.

Share What We Hear in Music Networks

We like the music we listen to in principle. Or else, we would not choose it. It follows, good music in our own opinion. Thus, we shall spread the word for an authentic experience.

Consequently, listening to music we cannot share is not genuine. For example, music with explicit lyrics. Hence, not appropriate to share. So, probably should not listen to it on that network at least.

Along the same lines, music with warning labels is bad. Accordingly, harmful if it requires a label. Consumption has potential to go against society enough to require a warning label. Then, not for everyone.

Sharing Music

Do not share anything in social media we do not listen to our self. Reason being, not good in your opinion. Given, we don’t listen to it our self. However, new releases could be interesting.

So, unreasonable to ask others to do something we don’t. No reciprocity, kind of like zero. In any event, an emotional connection to music exists. After, we connect with others through it.

Then, look for specific reasons to include in update. Draw from personal experience. Explain feelings. So, the custom is to embrace our feelings for positive music. Whatever type, as long as it has not been deemed harmful by our religion or government.

Music Share Netiquette

Last, it is proper netiquette to share good music. Given, music that we listen to our self. And so, certain types of content is banned for various reasons. It follows, governments regulate violent content. Also, curse words are banned by many religions.