To begin, we carry private info in our phones. Thus, our contacts are personal at the very least. Then, not to be shared publicly. As a result, certain level of privacy is required. So, no sensitive data on public screens of smartphones. Given, proper netiquette refrain from giving away private data. Hence, don’t let others see important data.

Sensitive Data Netiquette Smartphones

Sensitive Data

Next, wireless networks are not secure by nature. Then, data flies through the air. Thus, intercepted by anyone within range. It follows, a person monitoring hotspot connections can alert hackers.

Then, just sit next to us for private information. Very real scenario. In fact, hackers practice exploits of this nature. Security experts do as well. After, claim is to help. But, who knows.

Smartphones Display

Many networks do not require a password. And so, data in view of others. Given, must know the network. Save the sensitive transmissions for wire line transmission.

Next, same scenario for stealing information as above. However, unprotected networks are more of a risk. Look at the at a coffee shop with an unprotected network. Not a normal crowd. No consent to terms and services validated on participation.

Sensitive Data Netiquette

Don’t share sensitive data because smartphones are not secure.

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