Selena Cybersafety Digital Transformation

Selena Cybersafety
Selena Cybersafety is the envy a lot of women because men follow her so shamelessly. They do whatever she demands. Character was created by David Chiles.

First, Selena Cybersafety is the envy a lot of women because men follow her shamelessly. Next, they do whatever she demands. The character was created by David Chiles for digital transformation.

A growing influence from a well respected high school teacher. To begin, cybersecurity with data protection. After, fashion blogger with real authority. Then, a passionate persona with men and woman follower for various reasons.

Her name is the combination of her Mothers and Fathers last names. It represents the marriage between safety and electronics. They go together in Netiquette.

Selena Cybersafety Digital Transformation

Internet Safety is data security. So, it adds value to information. Consider, two step authentication. A valuable account for internet communication. Given, takes more time to get in.

In any event, we must be secure in our data to be secure in our persons. Then, everything on the internet is digital. Anyone with access can manipulate it.

As a result, reality comes first. Since, the human condition is to protect ourselves. Don’t let binary information hurt you is her overall message. Data security is in her genes.

Please be advised, beautiful looks are not by accident. So, takes time and preparation. Like staying safe on the internet. Selena demands safety and her friends are thankful.