Schedule Posts For Routine Contact Blogging

It is proper Netiquette to schedule posts. Do follow a regular routine.

Schedule Netiquette Blogging

Schedule Posts

We like to know what to expect. Some people hate surprises. Regularly posting material to a blog lets your readers know what to expect. It’s respectful to your readers because a lot of users like to know what to expect.

Schedule Blogging

Personal blogs should be posted at least once a month. Professional blogs are posted weekly or at the bloggers discretion.Consistency creates credibility with users who follow a blog because the blogger has a name to protect by providing accurate information.

Consistency also provides greater chances for views because people will know that a blog is coming and visit the blog to read it.The more bloggers post the more views the blog generates. The more views a blog generates the more exposure a blog has. Consistent blogging makes a better blogger and generates more views because practice increases skills and views increase over time.

Schedule Netiquette

Post consistently because it creates an expectation and gives credibility to content.

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